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Organizers Pleased With Whoop-Up Days


LETHBRIDGE - Whoop-Up Days wrapped up this weekend.


Events Manager Doug Kryzanowski says they're very pleased with the event this year, adding the concert package was well received and the rodeo brought in some great Canadian champions.


During the five day event the unofficial attendance was 64,500. That's down about 6% from 2012.


Organizers are already looking ahead to how they can improve next years event. Kryzanowski says "we'd look at maybe more of a seniors program during the mid day or something like that during the week, maybe earlier programming for the families, I know most of our shows start at 4, maybe we push them back to 3 or 2:30 so we can capture those people that are here from 1 to 4 with the strollers and the families."


Kryzanowski adds the Bowmanville Zoo has finished their contact and won't be back so they will need to find a new feature presentation for the South Pavilion.

Posted on Monday, August 26, 2013 at 4/16/2014 9:28:39 AM
Source: Tristan Tuckett - Country 95 News
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