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Peak Of The Season At Farmer's Markets And Not Just For Produce


LETHBRIDGE:    If you are into "Slow Food" or the fresh, just-plucked from the earth variety, this is the best time of the year.  Whether it's Farmer's markets in Coaldale, Pincher Creek, the Downtown Lethbridge Farmer's Market or Saturday's expansive spread at the Lethbridge Exhibition, there's no better place to surround yourself with the earth's healthy bounty.


Garden marketers are very busy at this time of year and that includes those working the various Hutterite colonies around the region. While we often equate the Hutterites with a wide variety and volume of vegetables, many colonies are also the "go-to" market for those who want turkeys for their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. This is the time of year that some colonies are taking orders for fresh turkeys and chickens.


Simon Wurz with the Rock Lake Colony near Coaldale, says their busiest time of the year is around Thanksgiving.  He says they have 300 turkeys at the colony, which by his determination is "not very many".


Wurz explained that the birds get to be about 17-weeks old and will be about 18 to 30-pounds when slaughtered. He underscored the fact that, "They are government inspected - we have an inspector come out there so that we can sell them to anybody. They are grain fed with our own grain and I think people tend to prefer them because they know where they come." 


You can either order a turkey at the Saturday Farmer's Market or call the colony direct at 403-345-3892.


The Lethbridge Exhibition Farmer's Market continues every Saturday through October 26th. Over the next few weeks, Country 95 will feature some of the other local producers who also frequent the market.


Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 4/17/2014 4:32:50 PM
Source: Dori Modney (@Dori_Modney on Twitter) -- Country 95 News Photo
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