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Wade Galloway Hopes To Change Attitude At City Hall


LETHBRIDGE:  Best known for his support of a new Lethbridge Skate Park, Wade Galloway filed his nomination papers Monday morning and is seeking one of the Councillor seats on city Council.


Galloway ran in a by-election in 2011 and when asked if he had a different strategy for this election he commented, "Well, I started with a hair cut - I was somewhat well-known for having a little more hair than what I do presently, so that always helps with outside perceptions".


On a more serious note, Galloway says, "I m a skeptical person by nature and tend to avoid the herd mentality. I won t support something just because it is popular and will ensure I have a full understanding before making a decision. I have the fortitude to question the answers".


In terms of issues for Galloway, he says, "First and foremost, I'm about playing defence and what that means to me is controlling spending. It's very easy for this city to play offence - all they gotta do is raise taxes and they do it at an amount that is somewhat palatable and people mumble and groan and go on about it but, I come from a business background and cost control is critical - you work hard, you spend less than you make and you prosper."


According to Galloway, "We are one of the poorest cities in the province in terms of average median incomes - we need to focus on growth". He says controlling spending is what the city needs to do to attract outside investment and residents to the city.


Galloway's other priority is what he calls knocking down walls, "There's a culture within city hall, not all of it from elected individuals, that still don't think tax payers necessarily deserve full and unfettered access - it rubs me the wrong way, it rubs a lot of residents the wrong way, and the harder you try and get information from some of these people within this (city hall) building, the more they dig their heels in and that change has to come from the top".


Galloway started LethbridgeAccountability.ca in 2010, funded with his own money, as been used as a tool to see which incumbents did what they said they would.

To learn more about Wade Galloway, you can check out his web site: http://www.wadegalloway.com

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 4/21/2014 3:14:17 PM
Source: Dori Modney (On Twitter - Dori_Modney) -- Country 95 News / Photo supplied by Wade Galloway
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