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Blizzard Update: Lethbridge Road Conditions


LETHBRIDGE: City crews are continuing to work around the clock, dealing with the massive amounts of ice and snow covering Lethbridge streets.


Until the storm has completely passed and snow has stopped, they will focus on Priority 1 routes such as Scenic Drive, Mayor Magrath and Whoop-Up. They will then move on to Priority 2 routes once those have been cleared.


After that a snow route parking ban will likely go into effect, allowing crews to clear roads faster. Also on snow routes they will be plowing the snow onto the boulevards and left wherever possible, instead of being windrowed to the middle of the road for removal. It's anticipated that doing so will increase efficiency and reduce costs. The snow will still be plowed to the middle of the roads in places where there is no boulevard.


City crews will not be clearing blocked sidewalks or driveways, and you're asked to help your neighbours if they're not able to clear them themselves.


Motorists are also being strongly cautioned to drive with care on roads that have been sanded and salted, as they are still very slippery. Also a reminder to use caution when driving around snow removal crews.


All public transit is currently shut-down, however the city is hoping some routes will be able to re-open this afternoon.

Posted on Tuesday, December 03, 2013 at 4/17/2014 10:52:33 AM
Source: Patrick Burles (@PatrickBurles on Twitter)-- Country 95 News
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