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Calgary Flames Super Hero!!


Never fear! "The Flame" is here!

That's the name of the new superhero for the Calgary Flames.  Every NHL team is getting one.

Stan Lee, the man behind comic book smashes like Spider Man and X-Men, drew up "The Flame", who made an appearance at Wednesday night's game against the Minnesota Wild via video.

In a nod to the Calgary Stampede, one of The Flame's powers includes the ability to summon a herd of fiery horses that incinerate enemies.

The entire NHL superhero line-up will be officially unveiled at the All-Star Game on January 30th.


Check out all the Hockey Superheroes revealed so far (hahaha gotta feel bad for the Sharks & the Penguins...& the Devils...) Can't wait for the comic book series!

Posted on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 9:10:01 AM
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