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You Know You Grew Up In Lethbridge When...


Awesome new Facebook group for Lethbridge...

here's the link -

& while you're at it - Like our page too! The Breakfast Buzz -

Here's a few gems

·         the spinning door at Woolworths?

Woolworths cream puffs

·         Buffalo bills! Bonanza and Bonnie Dale – 2 mojo’s for a penny

Bonanza plates with the fading brown plastic- red cups for fountain pop and big chunky steak knives

Ponderosa – before bonanza’s

·         Woolco 15 minute specials and the in store announcer.

the Stafford bridge (the green bridge). Has anyone seen pictures of it?

·         Christmas time matinees at the Paramount for 10 cents
·         how of us remember Bobs Bigger Better Beautiful Barbequed Broiled Alberta Beef Burgers
·         The tire park at Lakeview School, and giving people "posties"

metal monkey bars that had nothing but cement below them for the longest time...

·         I remember being in bed and the stuff on top of my dresser started shaking and it was Mount St Helen's erupting.....

Posted on Monday, August 08, 2011 at 6:22:26 AM
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