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Corlee's Jenny Journey Week 2: Indulgences.


Alright, I admit, I got a little off track this past weekend.

But, I'm happy to say that after indulging on an entire regular sized (which is actually monster mega sized) popcorn (WITH butter, lol) at the theatre, having one (or three) adult bevies at the Battle of the Bands at the Barn on Friday AND going to the Craft Beer Fest on Saturday at SAAG (whew! Busy weekend!) I still managed to, at the very least, maintain my weight this past week. So I'm still at an almost 2.6lb loss. Now I know that won't always be the case so I will  definitely be planning my future weekends out better with my Jenny 'therapist' (lol).

Speaking of which, I admitted these things to Karen at my consultation yesterday & she reminded me that yes, life gets in the way of our goals sometimes & yes sometimes you just want popcorn at the movies, but if you're motivated to stay on track, that's what counts. So back on track I am.

I also got some great tips for how to make up for my 'indulgences' over the weekend, simple stuff like being a little extra active (shovelling sure helped yesterday) & drinking a lot of extra water to flush the bad stuff out.

Plus one of the best tips I've gotten is that when I start craving foods just because I'm bored, having something 'hot' really helps. So I've been having a cup or two of hot tea at home when I'm craving something just for the sake of craving something, lol. It's such a simple thing to do & I've really started to realize the difference between whether it's 'real' hunger or just 'bored' hunger. As a matter of fact, since I've started Jenny & been following the menu plans, I haven't been hungry once!

So I continue on my journey :) 

If you want to start your own Jenny Journey, join me! Call Jenny at 394 9999!

Posted on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 8:59:47 AM
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