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Corlee's Jenny Journey: VACATION on a DIET


Not gonna lie - I was pretty worried about destroying my 5lb progress by going on a week vacation in Phoenix.

No one else I was with was on any type of 'menu plan' lol. Jenny made it easy for me with a vacation meal plan so I was able to take all the food I needed with me...but when we left the house & didn't come back ALL day long, or when everyone else was hungry & headed to a restaurant - it was pretty challenging to stick with it & not cave.

Which I did. A couple times. lol

But I just had my weekly weigh-in with Karen, expecting the worst (I thought for sure I'd gained a pound...or two, eek!) & I actually went DOWN 1.1lbs!! How awesome is that??

Simply put Jenny works. I'm down 6lbs now in 6 it's not a super quick fix, but quick fixes don't often stick for the long term. So I'm happy with my results & looking forward to the rest of my journey!

As soon as I hit 10lbs I'll be posting more pics & measurements to check my progress :)

Start your own journey with Jenny! Call 394 99 99!

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 11:33:37 AM
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