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Brad has to donate 93 pounds of food to the Lethbridge Food Bank, to make good on his Grey Cup bet with DJ-CK. Of course Brad bet on the Stamps, and of course they lost (if he had bet on the Argos, we be celebrating a Calgary win right now).

Being a radio DJ, Brad's pantry is pretty bare itself, so HE NEEDS YOUR HELP to reach his goal.

We want YOU to make Brad WORK for donations. Request him to do a job, perform a stunt, or be part of an event.

NOTE: Brad can do tasks until FRIDAY DECEMBER 14, he just needs the DONATIONS by November 30 (this Friday). 

Email your challenge to:

Oh, and YES you can just drop off donations without making him work. He will VERY MUCH appreciate that.

Bring non-perishables to our studios at 401 - Mayor Magrath Drive (Sandman Hotel). 


Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 7:46:34 PM
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