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A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has donated to "Brad's Bet-Debt"...YOU have helped him not only MEET, but EXCEED his 93lb goal!

This morning the Lethbridge Kinettes called in and MATCHED the original 93lb total, doubling the donations to 186lbs!

Tonya from the Lethbridge Food Bank stopped by to collect the donations, saying, "these doantions will contribute to helping 2,200 people in our community" and added that she believes there is well over 300lbs of donations!

Which is partly why Alison at MacDonald's called in to challenge B-93 to gather 933 POUNDS of donations...and that they would make a "MAJOR" contribution if we reached that goal.

Naturally, we agreed! And with Corlee & CK stepping in to help Brad with further challenges, such as working the MacDonald's drive through, we're confident we can do it!

YOU HAVE UNTIL THURSDAY DECEMBER 6 to "challenge" the B-93 hosts in return for a Food Bank donation.

Email: breakfastbuzz@b93.fm

Phone: 403-327-9500


Posted on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 11:06:05 PM
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