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Corlee's Jenny Journey: Big Progress!!


I passed my 10lb mark! I started at 167, I'm now at 156!

Even better than my 10lb weight loss is the fact that I lost 16 inches!

16 inches in 8 weeks, how awesome is that!?

I'm feeling great, definitely getting my confidence back, especially in the clothing area - I just found the best looking dress ever for my Christmas party coming up this weekend (which I can't wait to post pictures of!!)

Here are all my current measurements:

Bust: was 40" now 37.5" ( :( lol)
Waist: was 35" now 31.5
Belly: was 40.5 now 38.5 (ugh)
Hips: was 44" now 41.5
I also lost 2" off each thigh & 1" off each arm!!

Start your own Journey with Jenny! Call 394 9999!

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 8:13:59 AM
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