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Corlee's Jenny Journey: Starting 2013 off right!


So far I've been pretty happy with 2013!!

I've had a few ups & downs in recent weeks, I reached my halfway point just after Christmas (!) but I gained a few lbs afer that & now I've hit a bit of a plateau...

But with Karen, my Jenny consultant, I'm back on track & looking to hit my 30 lbs mark!

As it stands I've lost over 15lbs & more than 20" from all over! I'm starting to feel confident in front of a camera again & really motivated to see even bigger results with my next 15 lbs!

Above is a pic of one of my fave meals - the cinnamon french toast - SO good!

Start working toward your 2013 goals with your own Jenny Journey!
Call 394 9999!

Posted on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 9:43:31 AM
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