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Corlee's Jenny Journey: Realizations & Revelations


**UPDATE** Just a quickie update here - I was sick yesterday so my consultation was pretty brief - but good news - I lost another 1.9lbs!
That puts me at 151.2 :) Beyond my halfway point - only 14.2 to go!!
I'm going to have to go clothes shopping soon!! I've dropped at least 2 sizes since I've started the program! YAY ME! lol


So being perfectly honest here, January was a tough month for me. I don't know if it was because I indulged over Christmas and kind of gave up on myself or what, but it seems once I hit my halfway point to my weight loss goal, I got a bit complacent.

What's funny is, my consultant warned me of this & gave me tips to avoid it. But at the time I was all like 'pffft, I'm not complacent....not me. Why wouldn't I want to keep losing my weight & hit my goal?' Right? Wrong.
Looking back on the past few weeks, I realize that I did get a bit complacent. A few extra calories here & there that I wasn't making up for with exercise out of sheer laziness.

I realized I was focusing on me NOW and how happy I am that I'm a few sizes smaller and my clothes are fitting awesome, which is all fantastic, don't get me wrong. But the thing is, I sort of lost track of the ME I WANT TO BE. Does that make sense? lol

The good news: I had a weight loss revelation. I see how happy I am now at 15lbs & 20" lost and I can picture clearly in my head how AMAZING it's going to feel once I hit my goal!

I'm re-invigorated & so motivated & I truly want to inspire others to feel this good about themselves & I honestly have Jenny to thank! I'm not absolutely hating pictures of myself anymore and I'm also re-motivated to start working out regularly again - the pic above is my first attempt at a TRX class (so fun! I'm in the middle)

If you ever have any questions or comments for me about my Jenny experience so far, please don't hesitate - you can email me at, leave a message on our facebook page ( or leave a comment below!

Better yet, talk to one of the consultants at Jenny, call 394 9999!

Posted on Friday, February 08, 2013 at 10:24:23 AM
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