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Yesterday I know I olet you down and I didn’t get to the Dose! It was a crazy day I applogize.  Lets wait no time and get to this one!!!!

Adele has reportedly rejected a large sum of money to write her autobiography. According to the UK newspaper, The Mirror, Adele has been approached by several publishing houses interested in selling her autobiography -- but Adele has passed because she thinks she is too young for such a project.

        A source said, "Adele's never been a really showy person. So it was always going to take a lot to get her to write her life story anyway. But even though she received a lucrative offer, her primary concern was that she doesn't want to write a book about just 24 years. She feels she'd rather wait until she has more life experience to write about. She'd never say never, but she did say 'not now.'"


In other Adele news, the guy who tried to crash Adele's Grammy speech will go to trial. The Ukranian reporter, Vitalii Sediuk has officially been charged with one count of willfully leaving a spectator area to go into a performance area and interfering and delaying program participants. The charges could get him a $1000 fine or six months in jail.

Don't worry Joe Jonas fans -- the Pepperdine student, Shaina Kohli may have gotten a date to a Jonas brother's concert, but she assures everyone that she is not trying to break up Joe's relationship.

Kohli said, "It's funny, the anchor said we made a good couple and someone else who took our photo said the same thing! And we just stood there silent looking at each other. It's not my intention to steal Joe. I mean, have you seen his girlfriend?! She's so gorgeous and I'm so happy for them. I'm really hoping that we can become friends. He's such an awesome guy. When I was in high school, I loved the Jonas Brothers and I always had a thing for Joe just because I thought he was cool. My friend and I were trying to come up with things to do for [college] senior formal and my friend was supposed to ask Justin Bieber, but she never did. But I did. I'm going to be hanging out with them during the day and he would escort me to the concert. He gave me the option of going on stage with them or being in the front row. Obviously, I'm choosing on stage! I don't get too star struck, but I'm really excited."

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato still appear to be the best of friends. Demi tweeted love for Gomez's new single, "Come & Get It."

Demi tweeted, "Umm.. obsessed with Come & Get It - @selenagomez. So happy for you lady. #LiterallyOnRepeat!!!"


 Justin Bieber has canceled his upcoming concert in Muscat, Oman on May 6. According to promoters, fans are able to get a full refund for their tickets or they can attend a newly added concert in Dubai. Alive Entertainment released a statement about the cancellation.

Alive said, "Alive Entertainment regret to announce that the Justin Bieber in Oman show will no longer take place - due to overwhelming regional demand a second show in Dubai has today been announced for May 5th."

Justin previously canceled a show in Portugal.

Rumor has it that Kelly Rowland is being considered as a judge for X Factor. According to The Huffington Post UK, Kelly is a frontrunner to replace Britney Spears on the show.

A source told The Mail Online, "Kelly knows the X Factor, she's aware of what it takes to be a judge and she's also outspoken. Simon has always remained a fan of Kelly's and she's most definitely in the mix to join the judging panel on X Factor USA."

Kelly was a judge on the UK version of the show in 2011. At the time, she said, "I love the UK and being part of the show last year. Mentoring the girls was such an incredible experience I will never forget. I would like to thank Simon for the great opportunity and asking me to be a judge last season."

Rumors are swirling that Rihanna is pregnant. This is just days after Rihanna cancelled her Houston and Dallas tour dates this past weekend -- which totals four dates she has missed already on tour due to illness.. According to TMZ, RiRi was spotted walking out of a medical building in Beverly Hills. She is reportedly doing a lot better.

        RiRi took to Instagram to explain why she cancelled the dates, saying, "I was sick since San Diego! I kept working because I thought two days off after the Vegas show would be enough time to recover and I f**ked up, those were two days off from hell and today is not different! I'm sad and disappointed about it! I had all kinds of plans for Houston!"

According to E! News, sources close to the superstar say that she is not pregnant.

BUBLE IS A BELIEBER: Michael Buble has jumped to the defense of Justin Bieber. Buble said, "I think, for what Justin Bieber has been through, he is remarkable. He has handled it with dignity. I am a fan of the way he handles himself. They should give him a medal for smoking a joint. It made him human - he's just a kid. I'm glad I didn't achieve fame until I was almost 30. I had become the man I am, the man I was going to be. If it had happened when I was 17, I would have been a p***k."

THE WANTED'S SURGERY: The Wanted's Nathan Sykes will reportedly undergo special throat surgery this week. He is reportedly taking an unforseen hiatus from the band. The rest of the group will reportedly continue to fulfill promotional commitments. The Wanted's new reality show, The Wanted Life, premieres Sunday, June 2, on E!.

CHRISTINA'S NEW HOME: Christina Aguilera just reportedly purchased a $10 million home in Beverly Hills' Mulholland Estates. The six bedroom, eight bathroom house reportedly has two walk-in closests, a wood paneled library, two bars, a screening room, a gourmet kitchen, a saltwater pool and spa, a bath house and a gazebo.

NEW BRITNEY: Britney Spears announced that she has a brand new song coming out. "Ooh La La" will be featured in The Smurfs 2 animated movie, set for a July 31 release date. Britney said, "Remember that surprise song I recorded for my boys? It's coming soon! "Ooh La La" for The Smurfs 2 :) Stay tuned for more."

MILEY'S PHONE BILL: Miley Cyrus' father reportedly still foots the bill for Miley's cell phone. Miley tweeted, "just found out you've been paying for my wifi and phone bill for the past year. Thanks dad! Xo Sissy"

ONE DIRECTION'S GOT SOME HATERS: The UK Business Secretary is backpedalling on some not nice statements he made about One Direction's $38 million 2012 paycheck. He said, "I think it is mad that the members of the boy band New Direction made 5 million ($7 million) each last year. I think it is crazy that many of the footballers are routinely paid 10 million a year to play football." He then said, "I don't want to attack One Direction, this is one particular group who are apparently very popular and very successful so I have nothing against them."

That is you Does for Thursday April. 18th I know not as witty as they usally are but I think the new morning hours are starting to get to me… If you have a commement or a story for me plase email me at

Have a Goodder and Rock it


Ryan Carroll

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 9:09:44 AM
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