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Ever hear your Voice being played back to you and think “Do I really sound like that?”… Yes you do... It is interesting because you couldn’t think that one of the biggest singers in the world would think that also, but she does.  Beyonce has admitted that she doesn't like the sound of her own speaking voice. In an interview with Australia's The Project, she said, "I hate hearing myself speak. I think everyone does."

Forbs Magazine has released their annual I’m Female, Rich and Powerful in music list... Despite being sidelined for the past 6months guess who tops it... Now keep in mind this is for musicians because overall no one can beat Oprah. Lady Gaga has earned $80 million over the last year and could have earned over $30 million more -- had she not canceled the "Born This Way Ball"

Ed Sheeran is out on tour with T.S right now swooning all the ladies before Miss. Taylor takes the stage on her “Red” world tour... The busy schedule is not stopping Ed from writing though. Ed Sheeran, had a Q&A on Twitter on Wednesday) and revealed that he will be releasing new music in January.

Mariah Carey has teamed up with rapper A$AP Rocky for a remix to her single, "Beautiful." The singer recently tweeted that she has postponed the release date for her upcoming album, The Art Of Letting Go.

Justin Bieber fans are firm beliebers that he can do no wrong. Several fans were asked questions after his LA concert for the Jimmy Kimmel show and they supported JB's recent behavior every step of the way.

Posted on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 8:45:50 AM
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