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Ke$sha is known for her unique style, but not this time.  It can’t be unique if it is stolen.  Ke$sh has 100% stolen the costume idea of having her dancer wear a large eyeball on their head while wearing a tux from an experimental rock grouped named The Residents. The groups' documentarian Don Hardy spoke out about the singer ripping-off their idea. He said, "Ke$ha is interfering with their intellectual property. Her people definitely didn't call in to say, 'Hey, can we use this?' They're debating what to do. One potential way to deal with it is to ask for a cease-and-desist and have attorneys sort it out. I think they'd rather see a different outcome, though..."

Mariah Carey rushed to the Hospital! It’s not that she had another mental breakdown. She just hurt her shoulder. The super diva was filming the video to the Remix version of her single #Beautiful, she was taken to the Hospital where the docs rested her shoulder while probably shaking their heads. Carey is now resting at home.

Pink was performing in Australia when a 16 year old was arrested for a possible bomb threat. The minor was ejected from the show Sunday night at the Rod Laver Arena after he posted a menacing tweet. The tweet said, "I'm ready with my Bomb. Time to blowup #RodLaverArena B*tch." The fan claimed that the tweet was an innocent reference to the singer's song, "Timebomb." He said, "It was meant to be about drop the effects, the music, everything -- just drop it all."

It’s time peeps Jessie J has confirmed a new record. The singer received a tweet from a fan that said, "@Artem_JJ: @JessieJ has written the soundtrack for Kick-A*s 2???" She responded, "YES this is true! Finally something that's trueeeee! It's called 'Hero.'" Kick-A*s 2 -- which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jim Carrey, will hit cinemas on August 16th…It’s all about the Money Money

Robert Pattinson has one of the biggest franchise of all time when it comes to the Twilight saga but Beyonce clearly don’t care. Pattinson and his boy’s took in the Queen Bye’s show in LA and tried to get into the VIP area after the show to meet Mrs. Carter but were quickly denied entry when he didn’t have the right “credentials” to get in. An eyewitness said, "He was at the concert with four dudes, smoking, but in a great mood. He was trying to get into the Beyonce meet and greet, but he didn't have the right credentials and he didn't make it in!"After he was turned away, a source said that he tried to sneak into the meet and greet. A source said, "After they weren't allowed in, "[Rob] waited for 10 minutes at the door and security said no." well if she was 12 I am sure he would have had no problem.

Posted on Tuesday, July 09, 2013 at 10:44:51 AM
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