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Do you think People are getting to sensitive or does this person have a legit complaint? Here is the story Katie Russell, a spokesperson for Rape Crisis thinks the Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is a degrading song. Russell had this to say about the song, "Both the lyrics and the video seem to objectify and degrade women, using misogynistic language and imagery that many people would find not only distasteful or offensive but also really quite old fashioned."  I can somewhat see her point but on the other hand it’s just a song. This is what Robin Thicke had to say "I don't want to be sleazy, I'm a gentleman, I've been in love with the same woman since I've been a teenager. I don't want to do anything inappropriate." Thoughts…

Ok so Justin Beiber peeing in a bucket video went viral yesterday and I’m actually going to defend him.  We’ve all been young and drunk and just decided to pee where ever we were standing the only thing is we didn’t have a boat load of camera phones following us around.  In Justins case you gotta go when you gotta go. The making fun of the former President was probably just the booze talking but on the other hand I’m impressed the Beibs even knew who the President was.

New J.T is on the way... seriously one of my favourite singers of all time so if I get kiddy here then just deal… Justin Timberlake has revealed the title and a 10-second snippet of a new song that will appear on the forthcoming sequel to The 20/20 Experience. (can be seen on The Breakfast Buzz FB page)

Will.I.Am and the Black Eyed Peas are set to appear in E!'s new biographical series -- Pop Innovators. The show will premiere on Sunday

Jessica Simpson -- who gave birth to a baby boy on June 30th, was able to celebrate her birthday at home with her family. The singer turned 33-years-old.

Demi Lovato attended the Acuvue brand event on Tuesday (July 9th) to mentor teens and share her 1-Day dream. The star wrote on her Facebook page, "Check out my ACUVUE® 1-DAY Contest mentorship episode with my winner Jessie! It turned out SO great. I'm so happy for her."

Britney Spears is set to release the music video to the song "Ooh La La" from The Smurfs 2 soundtrack. The video will be released today on VEVO at noon.

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 9:21:32 AM
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