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Glee creator Ryan Murphy has credited his leading lady Lea Michelle for putting the show's cast and crew before her own grief as she mourns the loss of her on and off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith. The writer/director has revealed the show will return to TV screens in North America a week later than scheduled on September 26 after careful consideration with Michele. Three episodes, including a tribute to Monteith, will air before the series is shut down for an "extended hiatus”. And Murphy admits he considered cancelling the new season of the show after Monteith's death earlier this month, but Michele has urged him to continue. He says, "(She's) the strongest 26 year old I know... (She) felt that the best thing for the cast and crew was to be together... She's trying to look out for 500 other people who have mortgages to pay and families to feed."

Amanda Bynes was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold at a hospital in L.A. on Tuesday morning for a 72 hour period. According to TMZ, the former child star will undergo a mental evaluation after she allegedly started a small fire in the driveway of a random person's house on Monday night (July 22nd) in Thousand Oaks; CA. Cops were called to the scene when the fire department found Amanda walking around not far from the blaze. Once police arrived on the scene, they knocked on the door of the home where the fire had been lit and found it to belong to an elderly woman who claimed to have no connection to the actress. The 27-year-old was reportedly carrying a "little red gas tank" and had burned part of her clothing off when the police found her.

The reviews for Selena Gomez's new album -- Stars Dance are in. According to Hollywood Reporter, critics focused on the inconsistent genre blending of the singer's "over produced album." USA Today critic Brian Mansfield gave the album two-and-a-half-stars. He said, "Gomez is making more commercially viable music now, but she's still only as good as her producers. The dance-pop sound they've built for her brings in lots of outside elements, including Bhangra, dancehall and dub-step." The Guardian's Hermoine Hoby's critique was a bit harsher. She gave the album two stars and said that the tracks "sound like songs Rihanna rejected." She added, "Someone should tell Ms. Gomez that pop princesses don't accept leftovers." Ron Harris of the Huffington Post said that the star lacked artistic input on the album because she didn't write or co-write any of the tracks. He said, "Artistically, there's very little Selena Gomez here. This is merely the veneer of Selena Gomez, the look and feel of the pop starlet set atop a middling musical effort." He then added that "Come and Get It" is the best track that Selena has to offer.

After Kris Jenner fooled everyone with a fake baby North on her talk show, rumor has it that Kanye West is looking to get body doubles. A source reportedly told Now that it may seem slightly paranoid, but he's dead serious about it. The source said, "Kanye's terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt or worse. There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he'll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe."Ye have urged Kim K to agree to the use of body doubles for her, him, and their daughter. The insider also revealed that when the parents and their daughter leave their home, "the plan is for them to go out in separate vehicles to throw anyone planning to follow them off the scent."

Icona Pop has revealed that the title of their upcoming album will be This Is...Icona Pop. The group has also unveiled that the title of their upcoming single will be "All Night." Icono Pop will be hitting the road for a worldwide tour. They will hit Chicago, Nashville, Miami, and L.A. before wrapping up in Brooklyn, NY.

VEVO announced yesterday that One Direction's video for "Best Song Ever" has beat Miley Cyrus' record for most views in 24-hours. The video received 12.3 million views.

Calvin Harris has been named the highest-earning DJ under 30. According to Forbes, the DJ gained the number one spot on the Forbes list by bringing in an estimated $45 million last year.

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 8:39:59 AM
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