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Ryan's Beauty Buzz:

13 Strange But Brilliant Food Combinations

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. These combinations may seem strange, but they’re awesome! And when you need a drink to wash it all down, grab a tasty vitaminwater - another brilliant combination.

1. French Fries + Milkshake
Cold and creamy meets hot and salty. Give it a go.

2. Apple Pie + Cheddar Cheese
One classic meets another. Cheese ‘n pies, together at last.

3. Pizza + Ranch Dressing
A dish best served after midnight. When calories don’t count.

4. Oatmeal + Bacon
Scientists have discovered that bacon tastes good in anything.

5. Jelly + Burger
Ok ok, hear us out. Sweet and savory is a thrilling combination.

6. Popcorn + Milk
It’s like cereal, but it’s popcorn. Popcorn cereal.

7. Blue Cheese + Dark Chocolate

8. Coffee Salt Just a dash of salt in your morning brew - people swear by it!

9. Banana + Mayonnaise

Check out the Rest here:

Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2013 at 8:24:52 AM
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