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B93's Ferris Wheel Dating!!


Looking for LOVE?? 

B93 is playing matchmaker - we want 5 guys and 5 gals to ride our Ferris Wheel of love to see if sparks fly!! 
We'll hook you up with passes for Whoop Up Days and a Dating Survivor Kit just for coming!

It all goes 'round' on Wednesday the 21st at 7PM!

Just copy and paste the application below and email it back to win@b93.fm to apply! 

Those chosen will be contacted on Monday the 19th! 

Ferris Wheel Dating Application

Basic Information



Phone Number:






Fun Stuff


How would you describe yourself?



What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a potential mate?



Why would you like to be a part of B93's Ferris Wheel Dating?



Is there anything we should know about to ensure you have a good dating experience?

Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 10:43:06 AM
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