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Throughout the entire Sunday night (August 11th) telecast of the Teen Choice Awards, the evening's hosts, Darren Criss and Lucy Hale as well as several presenters reminded the viewing audience that millions of votes went into choosing the winners. Perez Hilton is reporting that Fox flashed a brief disclaimer during the show which essentially revealed that the teen voters don't actually decide who wins the surfboards. The disclaimer read, "Winners for the Teen Choice Awards were determined through voting on the website. The results of the voting were tabulated electronically by and confirmed by a committee of Fox representatives. Teenasaurus Rox Inc. had the right to determine the winners from among the top four vote getters of the nominees in each of the 88 categories. Ultimate Choice was determined solely by the producers."

Joss Stone has made light of being the center of a kidnap and murder plot. The singer told ITV's Daybreak that she doesn't believe that the two men who were found guilty of conspiracy to murder, robbery and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to her earlier this year really knew what they were doing. She said, "That's much more interesting than my music. Its such drama, it is a little bit scary obviously. You know it's a bit creepy but nothing really happened." She continued, "I don't think they really knew what they were up to, they were a little bit confused, thank god. I'm lucky that they were a little bit silly. I've always lived in the same house since I was 8 and it's very quiet there and very dark at the top of the drive. It's in the middle of nowhere."

Justin Timberlake will be giving fans a package-deal with the release of his upcoming album. JT has revealed that he will release both parts of The 20/20 Experience as a four-LP package set. Modern Vinyl has reported that the combined edition is due on October 1st -- which is the same day as the second installment of the album. The site also reported that the second installment of the album will include all of the tracks from part one, in addition to part two.

Rihanna may be having the time of her life with her besties, but according to a member of her "Diamonds World Tour" entourage, she's reportedly been rather rude to her staff ever since her break up with Chris Brown. A source told Star mag, "We're always sent on some errand to the middle of nowhere just to find something trivial, like the 'right' ice bucket or color notepad." The insider continued, "Rihanna has never been easy to work for, but since she and Chris Brown broke up, she's been beyond horrible." The insider even recalled an incident where RiRi refused to go on stage during a tour stop until she got the exact food that she requested. The source added, "Rihanna wouldn't go onstage until she got carne asada, but by the time he returned -- from an hour away -- the food was cold. Rihanna threw a fit, like it was his fault. She's in a bad mood 24/7 and takes it out on everyone who works for her. She's so rude, always snapping at people, and she's a nightmare to be around when she's hung over."

Pitbull is set to open his own charger school in his childhood Miami neighborhood. According to NBC Latino, the school will be called Sports Leadership and Management [SLAM] and will be run by a non-profit called Mater Academy and Academia. Pitbull revealed to the Washington Post that opening the school is a worthy investment. On why he opened the school, he said, "The simple fact is that teachers have changed my life. I had a second grade teacher that taught me that yeah, there is a way out...and I had an eleventh grade teacher who taught me to believe in myself...and that's the same thing I want to do with the kids."

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 8:47:40 AM
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