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One Direction has released the details on their forthcoming album, Midnight Memories. 1D member, Harry Styles tweeted to fans about the record on Friday (September 6th) and said, "I think you'll like it." The band also released a six-second teaser that revealed the album's title, written on pieces of paper scattered on the ground. According to Rolling Stone, the album is set to hit stores on November 25th

Demi Lovato has opened up about her upcoming appearance on Glee. As previously reported, Demi recently signed up for a multi-episode arc on the show's fifth season. On the show, Demi will play a love interest for Naya Rivera's character, Santana. In an interview on Access Hollywood, she explained, "I get to play a lesbian on the show and that's something that I feel like hasn't really been brought to primetime with, you know, as a young actress. And I think it represents where our society is today." She continued, "It's becoming the norm and I'm really glad that I get to represent that -- how far we've come. You know, 15 years ago you wouldn't have seen that on TV, but now people are becoming more comfortable with it and I'm glad that I get to represent that, and also, just hopefully inspire people with my character to love who they are and accept who they are and not give a crap what other people think."

Ed Sheeran has seemingly confirmed the rumors that he and Ellie Goulding hooked up. As previously reported, the two were spotted holding hands at the MTV VMAs last month. In a U.K. radio interview, Ed said, "Normal people don't hold hands if they're just friends. It was going on. And now it's not." He added, "She's a really cool girl and she's very talented. She's had a number one single for three weeks in England now. It's all going well."

Anna Wintour has reportedly removed Miley Cyrus from the cover of the upcoming edition of Vogue magazine. According to Digital Spy, the editor-in-chief of the mag apparently found the singer's VMA performance to be "distasteful." As a result, she canceled plans for her to appear on the front of the December issue. The British publication, The Mail on Sunday has reported that Miley has already shot the cover for the mag. And apparently, Wintour had been planning to deem her as a new fashion icon. As previously reported, Miley stirred up controversy with her VMA performance with Robin Thicke last month. On the performance, she said, "Me and Robin [Thicke] the whole time said, 'You know we're about to make history right now.' What's amazing is I think now, we're three days later and people are still talking about it."

Lady Gaga has revealed that her appearance on Good Morning America will include a rendition of The Wizard Of Oz. Gaga tweeted over the weekend that she has been rehearsing a special "theatrical rendition" of her latest single, "Applause." With the tweet, Gaga included what appeared to be a mock-up of a stage design based on the film's yellow brick road. The image also includes details of the TV appearance with Gaga's name in the same font as her "Applause" single cover.

TMZ has reported that the singer who actually said the N-word in the song that many thought was Justin Bieber says he knows who started the hoax. As previously reported, a fake Bieber Youtube account was created. The false page posted a song, where the singer -- who was said to be Bieber, dropped the N bomb. The actual singer, Khalil Underwood told the site that he was roped into the hoax because he sounds like Bieber. Underwood also said that he thinks that the real perps are Beliebers who thought that the song was a Bieber original and tried to "leak" it on Youtube.

Rumor has it that Kanye West thinks that Kim Kardashian doing a shoot for Playboy is "brilliant." As previously reported, rumors surfaced that Kim was looking to show off her post-pregnancy bod by doing a Playboy shoot. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Kim is looking to do the shoot as promo for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A source close to Ye said, "He thinks it's brilliant. If Kim wants to do it and if it's something that's going to make her happy, he's all for it."

Britney Spears has seemingly confirmed the title of her upcoming single. As previously reported, rumors surfaced that the name of Britney's new single is titled, "Werk B*tch." The singer revealed a photo from the set of the promo this week and used the hashtag #workb*tch. She then took to Twitter and said, "Hot day on set... ;) A little dirty, little flirty, danced my AS* off. Stoked for tomorrow!" According to Digital Spy, the new track is said to sample RuPaul's hit "Supermodel (You Better Work)."


Posted on Monday, September 09, 2013 at 8:57:00 AM
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