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Twitter user @illumivato -- whose account has been deactivated, tweeted One Direction members threatening to kill her dog. She wrote, "Follow me on Twitter or I'll break my dog's neck." The tweet included a photo of the user pinning her dog against the floor with her hands around it's neck. After she received no response, the fan later tweeted Liam Payne a photo of her dog in her arms. The caption of the photo said, "I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died." The tweet has since created buzz among 1D fans on Twitter. Directioner, Mya Fhya created a petition that asked fans to "lock up" the controversial user. She wrote, "This person needs to burn in h*ll and I want to see justice."

TMZ has reported that Kanye West has been charged with battery and attempted grand theft. As previously reported, Ye attacked a photographer at LAX airport back in July. Apparently, Ye went off after the pap spoke to him as he left the airport. The photog then hired Gloria Allred as his attorney -- who said that the attack left her client badly injured. The site has also reported that if Ye is convicted of both misdemeanors, he can face a maximum of one year in jail.

Ricky Martin has invited his fans to enter an international contest that was created by Sony to write a song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil -- which he will record. Billboard has reported that the song will not be the official 2014 FIFA World Cup anthem, but it will be included as a track on the FIFA World Cup album.

Alexandre Schiavo, the president of Sony Music Entertainment Brazil and the coordinator of the "Super Song" contest explained in a video promo, "It doesn't matter who you are or where you are you have a chance to write a song for the next World Cup and I will record it." Schiavo then revealed to the site, "Is this going to be the main song of the World Cup? No. But it is a song that is going to get a lot of attention. The idea as they say is to give power to the people. Anyone with access to a computer can create some music and have the chance to co-write [the final version of] the song with Ricky and a famous producer. The winner will be invited to attend the final match of the World Cup. There will be a lot of prizes connected with this promotion."

Ever since Mariah Carey dislocated her shoulder back in July, she has been recovering while sporting several fashionable arm slings. However, MC has revealed that she isn't seeking any cool points with her arm accessory. She told E! News, "I really don't want to keep rocking this sling. It's not a fashion statement, I promise." She went on to say, "It's not easy with two babies. I'm grateful for all my fans being so supportive, it really keeps me motivated."

Some Americans think that twerking is a crime and they are blaming Miley Cyrus for this epidemic. Radar Online has reported that at least 150 Americans sent complaints to the Federal Communications Commission [FCC] after Miley's VMA performance with Robin Thicke. One viewer from Kentucky said, "[Miley] has shown what she is, acting like a devil flicking that tongue as demons do." A critic from Lexington Park, Md. wrote, "She was crude, pornographic, and absolutely shameful. Had I wanted my family to see a hooker perform a live sex show, I would have taken [them] to Tijuana. It was, at best, a demonstration of what a pedophile would like to see during a child pornography show." The site also reported that several viewers complained that their children were especially disturbed by Miley's performance. One parent in St. Paul Minn. said, "My ten-year-old daughter was watching with us as a singer, she had previously admired and watched consistently on the Disney Channel . . . [she] twerked and gyrated and dry-humped a foam finger in front of a live audience . . . my daughter was compelled to put her head under the covers."

Katy Perry has been publicly criticized by PETA for using exotic animals in her latest music video. According to Digital Spy, the animal rights organization has slammed Katy's video for "Roar," claiming that the animals were likely subjected to cruelty. Merrilee Burke, a spokeswoman for PETA, told to the Daily Star that the company that reportedly supplied the creatures for the show has a questionable history with animals. Burke explained to the site, "The Serengeti Ranch, the animal exhibitor that we believe supplied the animals for the 'Roar' video, has been inspected by the US Department of Agriculture 22 times since 2001. [It has been given] a total of 13 citations during that time."

The internet exploded over the weekend when Justin Bieber uploaded a picture to his Instagram showing a copy of the Batman vs. Superman movie script. The singer captioned the photo, "#Robin ??" However, a source told Hollywood Life that Bieber will not be appearing in the film.

Britney Spears' new single, "Work B*itch" leaked this weekend. The singer wrote on Twitter, "Woke up today and saw that a low quality version of Work B*tch had leaked :(."

Posted on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 10:31:49 AM
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