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Rihanna's tweets about a lewd sex show in Thailand last month resulted in an arrest on Saturday (October 12th). According to the Huffington Post, a bar owner in connection with the sex show will face charges of obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit. RiRi took to Twitter to share some graphic deets of the show and said, "Either I was phuck wasted lastnight, or I saw a Thai woman pull a live bird,2 turtles,razors,shoot darts and ping pong, all out of her pu**y." Thailand's local district chief explained that the man was arrested as a part of a crackdown on shows with nude dancers. He said, "Authorities found out about this bar the morning after Rihanna tweeted about it, but we were not able to catch them violating the law until Saturday night. We had been waiting for them and finally caught them red-handed."

Miley Cyrus has received yet another open letter. Sufjan Stevens penned a letter to Miley -- following Sinead O'Connor's several letters from last week. In the letter, Stevens gave her a few tips on improving her grammar saying, "Dear Miley. I can't stop listening to '#GetItRight' (great song, great message, great body), but maybe you need a quick grammar lesson. One particular line causes concern: 'I been laying in this bed all night long.'" He continued, "Miley, technically speaking, you've been LYING, not LAYING, an irregular verb form that should only be used when there's an object, i.e. 'I been laying my tired booty on this bed all night long.' Whatever. I'm not the best lyricist, but you know what I mean. #Get It Right The Next Time. But don't worry, even Faulkner messed it up. We all make mistakes, and surely this isn't your worst misdemeanor."

Pharrell Williams has requested that Will.I.Am's lawsuit in relation to his use of the phrase "I Am" be thrown out of court. Will sent Pharrell a cease and desist letter earlier this year, claiming that Pharrell's "I Am Other" brand was too similar to his own trademark. The producer then sued Will, asking the court to rule that his "I Am Other" brand doesn't violate any trademarks owned by Will. In turn, the Black Eyed Peas member countersued Pharrell, claiming that the similar names could cause confusion. However, in new court documents obtained by TMZ, Pharrell apparently said that Will hasn't achieved the same level of success that he has. Therefore, there should be no confusion as to who is behind "I Am Other."

Avril Lavigne has admitted that she self-titled her new album because she didn't know what to call it. She told Bello magazine, "I didn't know what to call it. I really couldn't find a title to sum it up. At the end of the day, I didn't want to give it a title. I'm just really excited for my fans to hear it. I think they'll be surprised." Avril then explained that her other ventures, such as her fashion label and fragrance are all connected to being a musician. She said, "I like to be busy. Everything that I do outside of music is tied into my music. So it's all about good management and multitasking and keeping everything together. Making it all go hand-in-hand."


Olly Murs has been confirmed as an act for One Direction's upcoming shows in Japan. Niall Horan of 1D tweeted Olly saying, "@OllyOfficial Murs buddie! Can wait to have ya opening for us in Japan! It's been ages since I seen ya!" Murs replied, "Will be awesome man! Hope you've got FIFA14 on your tour bus! It's on son! Make sure @Real_Liam_Payne is ready too!?"

Madonna has been banned from a movie theater chain for texting during a premiere screening. According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer was reportedly texting up a storm while attending the New York Film Festival premiere last week. Apparently, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain has a strict no-talking and anti-texting policy for its theaters. And any patron who violates this policy will be ejected from the theater. Alamo's founder and CEO, Tim League took Twitter to addrress the situation and said, "Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @drafthouse." And when the site asked League if he was serious about the ban, he replied, "Yeah, I'm serious, but I don't think it really affects her life that much."


Justin Timberlake has attributed his success to his colleagues. In an interview with Refinery 29, JT explained the key to a long-lasting career and said, "Collaboration. Sometimes a producer and an artist get together and they make magic, like Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, and sometimes a director and an actor like Marty Scorsese and Robert De Niro get together and they make magic." Justin went on to say, "I do think a lot of it is about chemistry. I do think movies are a director's medium and music is a producer's medium. You could liken my chemistry with Timbaland to Scorsese and De Niro. I don't want to sound conceited but I do believe that the chemistry is there." He continued, "Every time we get together we make something I've never heard. I think it's always interesting. I'm going to have to pay for that comment. I know somebody's going to have to throw it in my face. Everything we're talking about is collaboration. One person doesn't make a movie great, but a bunch of people can make a movie sh*tty."

Reports have surfaced that Adele may be considering a Vegas residency. The Sun has said that Adele has actually been advised by Elton John to have a series of shows in Vegas. An insider told the site, "Stacks of Las Vegas casinos are desperate to get Adele on billboards as a headliner in this town. The highest figure being touted is $40 million but it could be even higher. Elton's been a really good friend to her and they've been Skypeing to share parental advice." The insider added, "But he is a businessman too, and has been telling Adele [a] Vegas residency could secure a really good future for her family."

Lady Gaga hinted at a sequel for her upcoming album, ARTPOP during an impromptu Q&A via Twitter on Sunday (October 13th). When a fan asked her if she had started planning for an ARTPOP follow-up, Gaga replied, "Yes, lots of songs for ACT TWO."

Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 8:51:53 AM
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