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Beyonce has broken box office records with her earning from "The Mrs. Carter World Tour." According to a press release, Bey's shows across Australia and New Zealand sold almost 220,000 tickets and grossed over $40 million Michael Coppel, the President and CEO of Live Nation Australasia said, "I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Beyonc since the first Destiny’s Child tour in 2000, but this tour has been an absolute standout in terms of the showcasing her unparalleled talent, energy and joy for performing in one of the most spectacular productions ever to visit this country." Prior to Bey's earnings in Australia, she had already grossed over $100 million.

Mariah Carey has opened up about her experience on American Idol, saying that it was "hell." As previously reported, the diva did not get along with fellow judge Nicki Minaj. In an NYC radio interview, MC said, ( Sound Bite)

Kanye West's popularity has reportedly dropped 66 percent since he started dating Kim K. According Daily Mail, "Kanye originally had a high score of 17 among women aged between 18 and 49 before he and Kim began dating in April 2011. But since his romance with Kim, Kanye's score - which was a 19 among men aged 18-34 at its highest - has now dropped to a lowly 3 in the women 18-49 category." Another source told the site, "Kanye has emphatically told Kim that he believes they're going to be the biggest power couple on the planet. He genuinely thinks they will be more popular than his close friends, Jay Z and Beyonce."

Taylor Swift will be in the Big Apple today (Wednesday, November 13th) to headline the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory. E! News reports the superstar will perform while scantily-clad supermodels strut their way down the catwalk. The show will be taped today for airing on CBS on December 10th. Other performers include Fall Out Boy, Neon Jungle and Great Big World.

Lady Gaga has revealed that she had an obsession with facial injections. In an interview with Howard Stern, Gaga said, "I've never had any work-work done, but I went through a phase when I was smoking pot when I was really obsessed with getting facial injections... I was going to this strip mall in Chicago in the back…Everybody was like, 'You are a nut job.'... I'm telling you, I wasn't exactly in the best frame of mind, and I would smoke a bunch of joints and have some drinks and I would be like, 'Oh, let's go see my girl' and we would drive to this strip mall and I would get shot up with a bunch of whatever, Juvederm, and then leave..."

Justin Timberlake has spoken out against "trade magazines" that have criticized his latest film, Runner, Runner -- which didn't do very well at the box office. In an interview with GQ magazine, JT said, "The movie didn’t do well at the box office, so I should quit? Hold on a second. If I was somebody else, you wouldn’t have said that. I have the number one album this week, and I shouldn’t have released it? Come on, man." He added, "You sound like a d*ckhead…. It just shocked me because, like, you’re trade magazines. None of your opinions count. And by the way, none of you can do it." Meanwhile, JT is also on the cover of GQ's 18th annual "Man of the Year" issue. The singer joins the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Kendrick Lamar, Will Ferrell and the late James Gandolfini -- who were also named men of the year and have separate magazine covers. 

The Dutch authorities have announced that they will be investigating Miley Cyrus' smoking stunt during the MTV EMAs this past Sunday (November 10th). Tjitte Mastenbroek of the National Food and Consumer Authority told Agence France-Presse (AFP), "We received complaints about smoking which was also seen on television. We have to investigate. We will shortly be meeting the Ziggo Dome's management to check what exactly happened there." He added, "There is a smoking ban in public places in the Netherlands. Employees have the right to a smoke-free environment and this includes camera and sound personnel. After meeting the Ziggo Dome's management we will decide whether possible steps will be taken."

The Brazilian bodybuilding model -- who videotaped Justin Bieber sleeping last week, has reportedly said that she slept with the singer twice. Radar Online has reported that Tati Neves told the U.K. Sun, "Take it from me. He has quite a fit body and looked great naked. A man must know what to do to make me happy -- Justin did all that and more." The model also said that Bieber called her the next day hoping for another encounter, but she declined. She then revealed how the video actually leaked on to the internet, saying, "It wasn’t me that posted the video. I was still in bed with Justin when my friend texted me to say, 'Oi amiga [hi friend], where are you?'… I texted back, 'I'm here in bed cuddling up to Justin Bieber.'"

Lily Allen has raised several eyebrows with the video for her new record, "It's Hard Out Here." In the video, Lily took jabs at Robin Thicke's video for "Blurred Lines," Miley Cyrus, and had numerous women twerking.

Rihanna took to Instragram to tease the upcoming video for her song, "What Now." The singer uploaded several black-and-white emo-esque photos. The video is set to be released on Friday

Britney Spears has unveiled her upcoming album, Britney Jean's tracklist and revealed that she has a duet with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. The singer tweeted, "Sneaky hackers always trying to ruin my surprises. Here is the TRUE#BritneyJeanTrackList. So SOOO beyond excited to have my baby sis @jamielynnspears on the album. @Tip!!! My homie :)."

17-year-old pop singer Lorde has followed up her chart-topping first single, "Royals," with a cover of the classic Number One hit, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World." The original by Tears For Fears was written and recorded in 1985, a full 11 years before Lorde was born. The New Zealand-born artist recorded her version for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which comes out next Tuesday (November 19th).

Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 10:03:58 AM
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