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Kanye West has addressed the fake interview published by The Daily Currant. In the interview, Yeezy was quoted saying, "I am the next Nelson Mandela. I'm only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I've accomplished, it's the only comparison that makes any sense. By the time I'm 95, I'm going to be a bigger hero than he ever was." Kanye took to Twitter yesterday (December 9th) and said, "Respect to Mandela, his family and his legacy. Despite recent media reports, I've never said anything to dishonor or trivialize the life or transition of one of the most inspiring leaders. I'd like to address the false stories and noise that have been engineered by the media." He then said, "At a young age my mother taught me the importance of his work. Mandela sacrificed his life for the betterment of mankind. Thank you, Mandela, for your life's work and may it serve as a guiding light to illuminate our future."

Olly Murs has said that he wants his next album to be a bigger hit than his past projects. He told Digital Spy, "I'm going to do a bit in America, but nothing too drastic. It will be the same guys I've worked with on the last three albums. As an artist I am progressing, although the songwriters and the producers I'm working with are the same. We've got to be clever on this next record and come up with something even better. I've had some really big hits, but I want an even bigger hit."

The Chairman of Columbia Records has said great things about Beyonce’s next album. Rob Stringer told Hits Daily Double that Bey’s album will be "monumental." He explained, "At the beginning of next year we've got Broken Bells and Bruce Springsteen. Then we've got Lea Michele from Glee coming, and we've got Foster the People up next. Then we've got Pharrell and Solange, and obviously, at some point Beyonce will put a record out, and when she does it will be monumental."

Lady Gaga has said that a duet with Britney Spears is overdue. During a live fan chat, Britney said, "I would do a duet with Lady Gaga. I think that would be a lot of fun. I think she's very different and interesting and intricate." Gaga responded to the comment via Twitter and said, "@britneyspears lets do this b*tch its time."

Katy Perry has revealed that she banned her Republican parents from attending President Barack Obama’s 2013 inauguration. In the latest issue of Marie Clair, Katy explained, “People don't understand that I have a great relationship with my parents -- like, how that can exist. There isn't any judgment. They don't necessarily agree with everything I do, but I don't necessarily agree with everything they do. They're at peace with -- they pray for me is what they do. They're fascinated with the idea that they created someone who has this much attention on her." The singer contined, "My parents are Republicans, and I'm not. They didn't vote for Obama, but when I was asked to sing at the inauguration, they were like, 'We can come.' And I was like, 'No, you can't. I love you so much, but that -- on principle.'"

Britney Spears has opened up about her 2005 documentary that she did with ex-husband, Kevin Federline, calling it the "worst" thing she's ever done. She told The Telegraph, "I would never do something like that again. Actually, that was really bad. That was probably the worst thing I've done in my career." Britney took another stroll down memory lane and recalled her time with Justin Timberlake when they wore matching denim outfits to the 2001 AMAs. She said, "It was a pretty carefree time. We were just, like, 'We look great, let's go!' I have great memories of that time: there were a lot of rehearsals, but there was also a lot of clubbing and a lot of dancing."

Justin Bieber has announced a new digital album collection. According to Digital Spy, Biebz’s album, Journals will include all of his recent Music Mondays releases and five unreleased tracks. It will also feature videos and a trailer from his forthcoming movie, Believe. The collection features appearances from rappers Future, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper and R.Kelly. The LP will be available on iTunes from December 16th until January 2nd and it will be priced at $13.99.

MTV has named Miley Cyrus Artist of the Year. Miley was victorious over the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Pink, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and more. She is also in the run

Rumor has it that Rihanna visited her ex Chris Brown in rehab. According to Hollywood Life, RiRi was spotted outside of the anger management rehabilitation facility on Sunday (December 8th). Rihanna was definitely in L.A. this weekend, so it is possible that she visited her Chris.ning to be named Time's Person of the Year.

Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 9:41:32 AM
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