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If you've got a monthly bill, phone, cable, gas, electricity, student loan payment, insurance payment, registration fee for your kids up-coming minor ball season, the monthly check up fee for the orthodontist, etc...then be sure to enter! 

Starting Monday (March 3rd), twice a day on-air, we'll call out the name of a lucky bill-payer...if it's YOU, call us back within 9 minutes and 33 secs, and boom - we'll pay your bill!! 

Keep 403 327 9300 in your speed dial!!


What we need from you: 

Full name: 
Home Phone Number: 
Work or Cell Number: 
Type of Bill You're Submitting: 
Amount of Bill You're Submitting: 

To enter, email the above required information to win@b93.fm 

We'll start paying bills on March 3rd! 

(Please only submit bills to a maximum of $500. If you are a successful winner, you will be required to bring the submitted bill as proof of entry when claiming your prize. If submitting a credit card bill, only monthly minimum payment amounts may be submitted for entry) 

Posted on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 6:10:54 PM
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