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Can Your Face reveal how long you will live? Science Says YES!!


Want to know when you’re going to die??!! Well it could soon be possible becauseā€¦ SCIENCE!!

The facial recognition technology used to capture criminals could soon become mainstream. A group of scientists is working on a system that would analyze an individual’s health prospects based on how his or her face has aged.

The technology involves using a computer to scan a photograph of a face for signs of aging. Factoring in the subject’s race, gender, education level and smoking history — all known to affect longevity prospects — it would analyze each section of cheek, eye, brow, mouth and jowl looking for shading variations that signal lines, dark spots, drooping and other age-related changes that might indicate how the person is doing compared with others of the same age and background.

But of course with any great scientific breakthrough comes a big corporation trying to make money. The idea of using facial recognition technology has prompted interest from insurance company executives who see potential for using it in determining premiums.

Check out see how it works!

Posted on Friday, July 04, 2014 at 7:15:08 AM
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