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Well This important for any relationship!


An encrypted sextape that you can’t access once your relationship ends? New appDsckreet makes this dream a reality. Read all about it insideā€¦

The scariest part of making a sextape is not watching back your mediocre performance, its the fear that someone outside of your relationship will see your awful rumblings. Well, Disckreet is here to try and eliminate that fear. Disckreet works by making sure your files can only be accessed as a couple when you are both together.

On Disckreet’s website, they explain:

The magic behind Disckreet is that to use it, both you and your partner each have your own passcode. Access will not be granted to your files until both passcodes have been entered.”

Your files can only be accessed when you are both together to enter your passcodes, AND! for even more protection, the files from Disckreet aren’t uploaded ANYWHERE!, they’re stored directly on your iOS device.

Get your fancy throw pillows ready and check out Disckreet at the App Store 

Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 4:19:42 AM
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