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what is going on with Leo Dicaprio?


what is going on with Leo Dicaprio? He beached him self in Miami and he has gone from whats eating Gilbert Grape to Whats Gilbert Grape eating!, We are used to seeing this guy on the red carpet looking all dapper and now he is looking like Jack Nicholson. Dude put on a bunch of weight he is scruffy and a little round around the belly.. Thinking he must be getting ready for a movie, I hear they are working on a prequel to the shinning so maybe he is cast as the lead roll, wandering what his 22 year old model GF is thinking about this? Probably where else can i spend another million of his.. I think he gets a pass with her cause of who he is… It’s a formula You get the Money, You Get the Hot Girl, then you can let it all go…but it is a rubble standard cause look at mama june, she has money but you won’t be seeing her going getting s hot guy, more like a hot mess. 

Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 4:44:11 AM
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