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Forbes Highest Paid Actors


Iron Man competitions are all about stamina, so it comes as no surprise that Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr. has for the second year in a row been named the Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood!

Forbes' annual list is out, and RDJ is on top, making an estimated

$75 million this year, and that's almost all just for his work on Iron Man 3

But Robert is far from the only superhero on the highest paid list!

Robert Downey Jr. ... $75 million

Dwayne Johnson ... $52 million

Bradley Cooper ... $46 million

Leonardo DiCaprio ... $39 million

Chris Hemsworth ... $37 million

Rounding out the top ten were 
Non-Stop's Liam Neeson, Batmen Ben

Affleck and Christian BaleWill Smith, and

new Transformer wrangler Mark Wahlberg!

Congrats, guys! But if you were wondering where Brad PittJohnny Depp,

and Tom Cruise were on that list, you weren't alone!

Maybe it's time to try on some capes?

Posted on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 7:29:15 AM
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