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Jeffrey Coffman Captures Final Seat On City Council


LETHBRIDGE: Beaming, but still answering phone calls in his steady, even tone, by-election winner Jeffrey Coffman accepted congratulations at his home after the vote tally Tuesday night.

The first runner-up in October's election, Coffman was a front-runner from the beginning. But even after the final numbers revealed a soaring win - almost triple the votes for second place candidate Lea Switzer  - Lethbridge's newest alderman says he's "humbled," and focussed on the work ahead. 

"Serving the public is something that's very important to me," says Coffman. "Those of us who put our name on a ballot feel like it's a calling and representing the people in a very effective and efficient manner is a priority. So what I'm looking forward to gaining this time on council is that strong representation that the people are looking for."

Even with his excitement, Coffman shared a personal moment of relief with Country 95 News that his campaign is over. It's a run that lasted about six months, including the lead-up to October's election. But the respite will be short. With barely a sip from a glass of champagne handed to him by a supporter at his home last night, Coffman was already telling explaining his plans to head to city hall for 9 a.m. Wednesday morning and outlined how he hopes to hold himself accountable from his new council seat.

"Not only will I post my votes online, I'll also have a spot set up on my website where I have a daily journal, so citizens know what's going on. It will be a way of sending communication out, but also garnering information in."

About 13 per cent of eligible voters came to the polls to vote him in. Lea Switzer was second with 1363 votes, followed by George Mccrea with 1015 and Bal Boora with 944.

Ken Tratch, who was the only alderman from last term to run, was fifth with 876 votes.


Election Results:

Jeffrey Coffman         3304
Lea Switzer              1363
George McCrea          1015
Bal Boora                   944
Ken Tratch                 876
Blaine Hyggen             771
Wade Galloway            237
Kay Adeniyi                 231
Kevin Layton                 72
Rod Hoeg                      30


Photo by Country 95 News: Inundated with well wishes...Jeffrey Coffman answers a text on his cell  while talking on his landline during an election party at his home Tuesday night.

Posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2011 at 4/19/2014 8:51:33 PM
Source: Marion Warnica, Country 95 News
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