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What Would Bob Babki Think?

Lethbridge:   There's no way of knowing what Bob Babki would think about Tuesday's by-election results. However, Country 95 News did speak with the person who knew him better than anyone else - his wife Bonnie.

   Bonnie offered this reaction to Jeff Coffman capturing the City Council seat left empty by the untimely passing of her husband:

  "Bob was very disappointed when Jeff didn't get in and get elected in the October election. So, I know that he [Bob] is happy - I know that he's very happy that Jeff made it and made it with such a strong victory."

   "And, I have lots of confidence in Jeff that he will come to the Council meetings and he will be well prepared and he will have questions to ask. I think he will be a good Alderman for the people of Lethbridge".
  Bonnie also noted that, in the end, she believed the by-election was the right way to go. She said it was the only way to make sure that this was the candidate who deserved the seat and the win rested solely on the electorate's wishes.

   During the by-election process, numerous residents voiced the hope that whomever won, would be able to emulate some of the principles Bob Babki championed. One of the ideals most important to him was openness and accountability, as demonstrated in a clipping from his desk that was reprinted in a pamphlet at his memorial service:

   The Essence of Democracy: "Public access to information is to facilitate democracy. It does so in two related ways. First, it helps to ensure that citizens have the information to meaningfully participate in democratic processes, and second, the governments remain Accountable to the citizenry". Mr. Justice LaForest - Supreme Court of Canada.

Posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2011 at 4/19/2014 10:53:12 PM
Source: Dori Modney -- Country 95 News
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