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Adult Store Displays a Police Matter, Says Council


LETHBRIDGE: City hall turned a concerned mother away Tuesday, after she asked council for stricter control on adult stores.

Angela Piche told council her seven-year-old son was disturbed by graphic window displays in an adult store on the north side. She said she doesn't want other children in the community exposed to such images in other stores, and asked council to create a bylaw directing adult stores in the city to put tinting or window shades on their store fronts. Council denied her request, saying the issue is already covered under the criminal code.

"I'm very disappointed with what they came up with," says Piche. "There are other laws in place in other cities that have windows blacked out. So I don't see how it would cause any issues doing it in Lethbridge as well. It's not harming anybody to close windows, they're not losing business. Everybody knows that they're there."

Piche says the store owner was very cooperative when she asked her to take the display down, but she's worried about repeat incidents in future.

"I have a right as a parent to protect my child and if it can happen once, it sure can happen again. And what's the criminal code going to do? I bring the picture to the police, it's already been dealt with - what good is that going to do?"

Three aldermen - Ryan Parker, Joe Mauro and Tom Wickersham - moved to get more information on how much a window shades bylaw would cost and how it could operate. They were denied by a seven-vote majority.

With no action from council in the forseeable future, Piche says she's going to pursue the matter further until it gets the attention it deserves.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 4/18/2014 1:19:42 PM
Source: Marion Warnica, Country 95 News
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