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Lethbridge Research Station Asking Farmers to try Triticale


LETHBRIDGE: As Ag Expo gets underway at Exhibition Park, the Lethbridge Research Station is trying to spread the benefits of growing triticale.

Country 95 News stopped by the stations booth at Exhibition Park, and met with Doctor Francois Eudes.

Eudes explained that triticale is one of the most versatile crops available, as it can handle both dry-hot conditions and cool-wet ones as well. He noted that when growing crops in Alberta, that's a very important trait.

One of the more interesting points Eudes raised had to do with the various uses or triticale. The crop is generally used as feed for livestock, however Eudes noted that triticale can play a major role in the future of green technology and development.

He explained that it can be made into a bio-fuel and other forms of energy.

He also stated that it can be converted into things like plastics and foams. What makes those plastics and foams special, is that unlike those made from fossil fuels, the materials created with triticale are bio-degradable. Eudes added that you could compost your packaging foam or plastic knives and forks, and they would be gone in only a few weeks.

Eudes says they would definitely like to see more local farmers growing triticale, however he did note that there is one problem. For the moment the supply of seeds is fairly low, creating what he called a "chicken and the egg problem." While they want more farmers to grow the crop to expand its potential, it's hard to get going with a limited number of seeds.

Eudes did go on to say that he's hopeful they can get more farmers using triticale soon, and that once that happens, you could start seeing various products made from triticale on store shevles within five years.

Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011 at 4/23/2014 2:11:40 PM
Source: Patrick Burles-- Country 95 News------Photo: Dr. Francois Eudes sits next to a sample of triticale while holding foam made from the crop
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