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Brian Mason Stops in Lethbridge


LETHBRIDGE: Provincial NDP leader Brian Mason stopped in Lethbridge Thursday and sat down with Country 95 News.

He noted that the federal NDP's seeing growth nationally, and that it's starting to have an impact on the provincial party. Mason acknowledged that while they are different parties that aren't working together, they're basic principles and ideas are the same.

Mason stated that an NDP seat federally in Edmonton, means the party is becomming a viable option for voters who don't want to support the Tories.

Just from a provincial angle, Mason explained that he sees real potential moving ahead for the party with Premier Ed Stelmach not planning to run again for the governing Tories. He commented that it'll be the "same PC government" without Stelmach, and that it'll be a good opportunity for voters to try a new direction.

The cost of living was one of the big issues Mason focused on, saying that the government needs to be keeping things managable for Albertans. He explained that while they can't control the cost of food, which is climbing, the government can help by reducing other costs like power.

Mason went on to say that by re-regulation the energy sector, they can bring costs down and make life easier for young families and the elderly.

Posted on Friday, April 08, 2011 at 4/21/2014 1:49:55 PM
Source: Patrick Burles-- Country 95 News
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