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Conservative Candidate Jim Hillyer Deletes Forums From His Campaigning

Lethbridge:   It appears the "tried and true" political forum is not to be further tried by federal Conservative candidate Jim Hillyer.

  Callers to the Country 95 News room are baffled.

  Provincial and Federal political candidates sometimes cut their "debating teeth" at public forums. It gives the electorate an opportunity to see how they will fare under pressure on the floor of the legislature or in Parliament.

  While many candidates may not look forward to forum debates, they do test a candidate's mettle -- or worthiness -- for what is to come, if they are elected. It definitely offers voters a true view of how a candidate will hold up under pressure and whether or not they can answer the tough questions. It also affords the opportunity to speak to a wider audience within a constituency, since most forum events receive mass media coverage.

  However, after dipping his toe into forum water Monday at the U-of-L, and finding it chilly,  Conservative candidate Jim Hillyer, has decided to fore-go further events, with minimal explanation. After Hillyer didn't attend the Tuesday night SACPA-Public Library forum, the Country-95 newsroom fielded numerous calls from questioning and angry constituents.  We received no response to our attempts to contact Mr. Hillyer to answer these questions.  

  Wednesday evening, shortly before the forum was to begin at the Picture Butte Community Hall, newsrooms around the city received the following Media Advisory:

Jim Hillyer Campaign 2011

Campaign Headquarters - 1605 3rd Avenue S Lethbridge
Phone 403-380-2411   e-mail:

April 20, 2011

   With so few days left until the federal election on May 2, the Jim Hillyer Campaign is intent on the Lethbridge riding candidate being able to meet as many constituents as possible.

  After very careful thought and consideration the Campaign team has determined that rather than having Jim spend his time engaged in partisan bickering, the best way for him to reach out to constituents is to spend his time out in the various communities, knocking on doors and speaking with people on a more personal level.

  In order to maximize the time he has to do this, Jim will not be attending any further forums during this campaign.

  There will be no further comment on this matter.

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 4/24/2014 7:49:50 PM
Source: Dori Modney -- Country 95 News
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