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Street Forum Planned For Wednesday Noon Outside Jim Hillyer's Office

Lethbridge:   If Conservative candidate Jim Hillyer won't go to the forums -- a group of concerned citizens has decided to take the forum to him. The group is hosting a "street forum" Wednesday, between noon and 1:00, in front of Hillyer's office at 1605 3rd avenue south.

  Any candidate or person who has a question for Hillyer, is encouraged to attend. It is not known if Hillyer will be in his office.

  Organizer Andy Davies states "The street forum is not to be "loaded" one way or another with supporters for other Candidates."  He says, "All candidates are welcome and it's truly just an opportunity to ask questions in a respectful manner.  It's not a rally. You are welcome to show up with your party affilication but we are not encouraging that. We'd rather people just showed up with thier questions".

  Davies goes on to say, "There's a lot of frustration over the lost opportunity to ask very simple questions".  "I was at the University forum  and I respectfully asked one question in turn.  I was looking forward to attending the next two forums to ask further questions".  "I feel very robbed!"

  According to Davies, "It's contempuous of the electorate".  "We have Conservative, Liberals and New Domocrats alike who are frustrated with this.

   After the U-of-L forum, Hillyer's campagin representatives stated that he was determined that rather than spending time engaged in partisan bickering, the best way for him to reach out to constitutents, was to spend time knocking on doors and speaking with people on a more personal level. 

  Davies was at the U-of-L forum and says there was no "bickering" at all but, rather, people asked respectful questions of all the candidates. He concedes the questions were challenging but not personal or attacking. He notes, "If a candidate can not answer questions of the electorate at the constituency level, how will they be able to function if they make it into Parliament.


Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 4/21/2014 3:36:09 PM
Source: Dori Modney -- Country 95 News
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