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Chamber of Commerce Forum Brings Vague Answers To Many Questions

LETHBRIDGE-About 125 people attended the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce candidates forum Tuesday night.  The forum held at the Yates Centre was a chance for people to ask candidates questions and here about their parties platforms.  The questions posed to the three candidates covered a wide area from health care to the country's econmony. 

The small crowd (the Yates can seat about 500) made it possible for candidates to field the variety of issues brought up, but few items that address Southern Alberta. 

"There wasn't that much discussion of a reform policy or about our Armed Forces mandate outside of Canada.  And there were not that many questions about the cattle industry or other things," said one member of the audience. 

One member of the audience said "the answers to the questions were kind of vague, typical political style answers and I don't believe there was exact answers to a lot of the questions."

Many people took notice of the two empty seats at the candidates table.  Conservative Party Candidate Jim Hillyer and Green Party choice Cailin Bartlett weren't in attendance.  That upset the audience who voiced the opinion that it shows the candidates don't care. 

"We take time out of our own personal schedules to come down here to learn about them," stated an audience member, "and every party should have their representative at every forum."

With the amount of people that attended and with the number and variety of questions, it was difficult to determine who was the "winner."

Photo by Ted Andrew-Country 95 News

Candidates (l to r) Mark Sandilands, Michael Cormican and Geoffrey Capp took questions from the audience at Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce forum on Tuesday night.

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 4/20/2014 2:43:11 PM
Source: Ted Andrew-Country 95 News
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