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An Education In Public School Funding Cuts

LETHBRIDGE:   Some emotional reaction from a crowd of about 75 local parents at a special meeting Wednesday night.

With all the audience chairs filled, some parents sat on the back stairs to hear administrators explain their decision to axe about 60 teaching and support staff jobs - including 30 aides for special needs kids.  Parents of special needs children said their kids are likely to lose the most ground academically,  in face of these changes.

One parent commented to Country 95 News, "So this is essentially the government of Alberta has torpedoed the ship and said to the school board move the deck chairs around and make it look different".

  According to another parent, "Families are upset, obviously, when there's a reduction in resources because it's kids with disabilities that look like their going to pay the price and families have to carry more of that burden".

  Superintendent Barry Litun was empathic, "We (educators) will look after the children that come to our schools and we will do the best that we can and I can assure everyone that they will be given care -- thy will be given a safe environment and they will be given a good learning experience".

The board says they're 5-million dollars short due to provincial funding cuts and will make its final vote on the staffing cuts at a public meeting May 31st.

Many parents left the meeting vowing to write angry letters to their M-L-A and the Alberta premier.  An unidentified mother noted, "As long as education doesn't get funding, it doesn't really matter what the school board does -- they can rearrange things a little bit and they seem to be doing it and people are going to be upset -- or not."  However, she went on, "The problem is funding".

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 4/16/2014 1:34:40 PM
Source: Dori Modney with files from Marion Warnica -- Country 95 News
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