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Rick Orman Seeks Provincial P-C Leadership Support In Lethbridge

LETHBRIDGE:  The provincial Conservative party leadership race is picking up steam.  Hopeful Rick Orman made a stop in Lethbridge Tuesday during a province wide tour.  He met with various community leaders and residents and stated his greatest concern with the provincial govenremnt, is the continuing roller-coaster ride of funding for health, education and other stakeholders. He wants to bring back some stability and predictability.

Orman says his strength is the fact that he's already been in government and he's also been a businessman so, "I understand that government, like business, needs to have a plan - and any plan I make going forward, I need to listen to all the people who interact with the government." Listening was a big part of his open house at the Lethbridge Lodge Tuesday night.

According to Orman, one major concern he continues to hear is the public's belief that government isn't efficient with taxpayers dollars and that's underscored by the fact that, "We bring in about $34 billion  annually and yet we have to run a deficit."

Orman is also hearing a lot of concern about Bill-36, the land use framework that government put in place and they believe it was "confiscation without compensation".  Another hot topic is, "Bill-50, the power lines, they don't feel they were appropriately consulted at that."

  On the topic of education, the P-C leadership contender has met teachers and other education officials. Orman noted,  "One of the things they want out of their government is predictability and dependability -- and that comes with long-term funding that you're not clawing back because it plays havoc with the stakeholders' ability to budget".  He says it's part of a flux that the government has been in with doctors, teachers and other departments.  Orman wants to work to see that changed.

 The P-C party election to replace Ed Stelmach is slated for September.

Posted on Wednesday, June 08, 2011 at 4/21/2014 12:26:25 PM
Source: Dori Modney -- Country 95 News Photo Courtesy rickormanmedia
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