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Attempted Murder Trial Continues Against Stirling Man


LETHBRIDGE: The attempted murder trial against Nicholas Gerard Verwer continued Wednesday at the Lethbridge courthouse.

Verwer's accused of shooting Derek Kennedy in the back August 25th, 2007. Kennedy had been renting a home from Verwer, right next to Verwer's house. The relationship soured and Kennedy was evicted, however he returned when he found out that Verwer put up signs to tell people that he had kicked Kennedy out. That's when the incident is alleged to have happened.

Two witnesses, a father and daughter, testified that they heard two men arguing outside a Stirling home in August of 2007.

The witnesses who were across the street at the time then saw one man walking ahead of the other away from the house. When they lost sight of the men behind some trees they heard a bang and then saw a person crawling on the ground with the other man following behind with what looked like a rifle.

The victim managed to get into his car and pull away, and the two witnesses caught up with him and asked if he needed help. He told them that he had been shot in the back but wanted to go to his friends house as he didn't want to stop there. They followed him a short distance, calling 911 in the process, and when he arrived at the home he stopped the car, opened the door and fell out onto the street where he remained until an ambulance arrived about an hour later.

Both witnesses testified that they didn't recognize either man involved in the incident.

Another witness who took the stand, lived next to the property where the shooting took place. He stated that he was facing Verwer's home at the time of the shooting. He explained that he saw Verwer run out of his house yelling at someone to get off his property. He then heard the bang and saw Verwer run back into his house.

Tuesday Verwer's lawyer stated that the shooting was in self defence, adding that Kennedy tried to get the gun and Verwer feared for his safety.

Kennedy died of unrelated causes in 2010.

The trial runs until the 16th.

Posted on Wednesday, September 07, 2011 at 4/21/2014 4:19:28 PM
Source: Patrick Burles-- Country 95 News
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