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Accused Takes the Stand in Attempted Murder Trial


LETHBRIDGE: The attempted murder trial against Nicholas Gerard Verwer continued Monday with the accused taking the stand.

Verwer's accused of shooting 28-year old Derek Kennedy in the back August 25th, 2007. Kennedy had been renting a home from Verwer, right next to Verwer's home. The relationship soured and Kennedy was evicted, however he returned when he found out that Verwer put up signs reading "Derek Kennedy Evicted Don't Let Him Take You". That's when the incident is alleged to have happened.

Verwer stated that he was afraid of Kennedy, saying he had threatened him with violence on numerous occassions. He claimed that on the day in question Kennedy came to his house again making threats.

Verwer testified that the two met outside after Kennedy had ripped one of the signs down. He said that he told Kennedy he was going to call the police and headed for his house, at which point Kennedy followed him. Verwer said that he tried to close the door but Kennedy caught up and was trying to push it open. Verwer went on to say that he had left a loaded rifle in a closet next to the front door to deal with problem animals around his farm. He said that he grabbed it by the barrel and showed it to Kennedy. He claims that Kennedy started to back away so he followed him across the lawn to get him to leave his property.

Verwer stated that at one point Kennedy stopped and faced him, telling him to take a swing. Verwer explained that he swung the end of the rifle, missing Kennedy and hitting a post, which damaged the weapon. He said Kennedy started moving again and he once again followed, however Kennedy then spun around and grabbed the barrel. Verwer commented that he pulled back then pushed forward to try and knock Kennedy off balance and that Kennedy fell to the ground pulling the barrel of the gun with him. It was at that point Verwer testified that the gun "accidently discharged", hitting Kennedy.

Verwer continued that Kennedy started to crawl away and refused help, saying that he would call for help himself. He said that he then ran back into his house, leaving the rifle leaning against a tree in the yard. He called 911, saying that he had shot a person by accident, and explained the build up to the incident.

Verwer went into detail about projects that Kennedy had promised to help him with but never finish. He also explained that Kennedy had stopped paying rent for four months, and that Kennedy had told him he would no longer pay rent saying it was his property. Verwer claimed that whenever he would talk to Kennedy about it Kennedy would threaten him, causing him to fear for his safety.

When the Crown prosecutor asked if the signs, posted after Kennedy finally left, were intended to anger Kennedy, Verwer said it was simply a warning to neighbours because of problems he had with him. He went on to say that when Kennedy showed up at his house and ripped one sign off the fence, he didn't understand why he would be angry or upset.

While Kennedy survived the incident in question, he died last year of unrelated causes.

The trial is set to wrap up Wednesday.

Posted on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 4/16/2014 5:39:57 PM
Source: Patrick Burles-- Country 95 News
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