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Local Aboriginal Program Inspires National Policy


LETHBRIDGE: A new U of L course could soon inspire others like it across the country. The nursing program, now headed into its fourth year, is specially designed for aboriginal students. And now the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has voted to lobby for more government-funded programs like it at postsecondary institutions Canada wide.

"We really want to get their attention to know that this can have a huge impact in a community," said Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce president Randy Tremel. He noted that the aboriginal community is the only Canadian demographic that's actually growing in population, a statistic that points to interesting solutions in the face of the baby boomers' impending mass-retirement and expected economic surges in Alberta.

"As we're all starting to be concerned about labour shortages in the future, we're seeing this as a real valuable area to train a lot of the labour that's going to be needed," said Tremel. The U of L course started as a government-funded pilot program, with funds for just three years. Now the university has kicked in its own funding to keep the program going for a fourth year - and with good reason. Of the 60 students who originally enrolled, only one has dropped from the program. Compare that to the typical drop rate at the school, an average of about 25 per cent.

Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 4/17/2014 2:27:36 PM
Source: Marion Warnica, Country 95 News - photo by Country 95 News: U of L nursing students gather for an event on campus this fall
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