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Possible "Shooting Star" Extravaganza Expected Saturday

Earth:  Get your wishes lined up.  Wishes in the "plural", as we could be about to experience a multitude of shooting stars. 

Scientifically, they're actually the visible path of a meteoroid as it enters earth's atmosphere and becomes a meteor. That's a trifling matter to anyone who's heard the Disney theme music and is inclined to "wish upon a falling star".

On Saturday evening, there's a chance we could see a veritable freeway of meteors, with up to 750 an hour are expected as Earth travels through streams of dust and ice from Comet Giacobini-Zinner. The comet passes through the inner solar system about every seven years.

The Draconid meteors are expected to reach their peak of activity between 5 and 7-pm local time.  Right now, Environment Canada indicates the sky should be clear but, the sunset may obscure some of the action.  However, if the timing is off by a few hours, we may be in for a feast for the eyes

       The Draconids are associated with the constellation Draco, the Dragon.  If you get any pictures, we'd love to see them. For more information, check out these web sites:



Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 at 4/17/2014 3:34:36 PM
Source: Dori Modney -- Country 95 News Photo credit to Alex Tudorica as posted on universetoday.com
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