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Lethbridge Man Gets 8-Years for Attacks on Randon Strangers


LETHBRIDGE: 22-year old Kenneth Gary Allen will be spending a very long time behind bars.

Thursday he pleaded guilty to a spree of incidents early last month.

It started December 1st when a man contacted Regional Police saying he was dropped off at his mothers house along with Allen. Allen asked for his keys and when he turned them over Allen punched him in the face three times. The man ran into his mothers home and Allen followed, kicking in the door. Allen then held the mans mother against a wall and when he let her go he left threatening her and her family.

The next day two sisters in their early 20's arrived at home and as they walked across the parking lot Allen cut them off, demanding they turned over their car keys while holding a knife. One of the sisters, who was pregnant, screamed and Allen lunged at her with the knife trying to stab her in the stomach. The other sister kicked at him and as he ran away he yelled back that know he knew where they lived.

As he left that scene he called a cab company giving the name Ryan. A short time later a taxi picked Allen up and he asked to go to Tin Tin Grocery. Allen told the driver that he had just had an encounter with the police. Just as they got close to the destination Allen threatened the cab driver, who opened the door and jumped out, as Allen slashed at him with the knife. Allen then got into the drivers seat and took off.

Regional Police tracked down the abandoned taxi a short time later, and after contacting the cab company they managed to get the phone number for the person who called for a ride. They discovered the phone belonged to Allen and went to a residence where they found him hiding in a closet with a number of items taken from the taxi. 

Judge Oishi noted that it was disturbing that the attacks were against random strangers, calling Allen "an unpredictable offender, dangerous to society."

She then agreed with a joint submission from the Crown and defence, sentencing Allen to eight years in custody on all charges.

That sentence will begin later this year however, as Allen first needs to finish serving time for another incident, which he had been paroled on.

Posted on Thursday, January 05, 2012 at 4/20/2014 5:51:15 PM
Source: Patrick Burles-- Country 95 News
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