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Concern over LED Streetlights Brought To Council


Lethbridge: Since the installation of LED streetlights in our City, some residents have been voicing their concerns over the white lights.

A presentation was made a Lethbridge City council, April 29th, requesting LED's no longer be used for street lights. Vice President of the Astronomy Society, Rena Woss believes council only considered cost when choosing the lights. She says they need to acknowledge the health effects they can have, such as sleeping disorders.


"They just need to buy the yellow LED lights. They're out there, they're available. They're cost effective and have energy savings. The human factor needs to be factored in. We're not machines, we're real people. These ultra white, brilliant lights are not seen anywhere in nature. And when those headlights come at you, they are very harsh and very disruptive." said Woss.

Director of Infrastructure Services Doug Hawkins, says council did discount health effects when making their decision because there wasn't any proven research to back the effects up.


Woss wants City Council to listen to the research performed by a local Neuroscience on the issue.


"In spite of the delegation that appeared, we've only received 20 direct concerns around the lights and we've installed over 4, 000 of them on the south-side of the City." said Hawkins.

Hawkins says any residents who finding the lights are spilling out into their living areas are asking to call the City. He says modifications can be made to the fixtures. Hawkins adds the color of the lights will take a little bit of time for residents to get used to.


Posted on Sunday, May 05, 2013 at 4/17/2014 11:27:14 AM
Source: Falon Wagner (@FalWagner on Twitter)--Country 95 News
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