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Local Vermiculture Business On The Rise


LETHBRIDGE - Earthly Matters Vermiculutre in Coaldale are raising worms to sell for their manure.


They have over 100,000 worms that they feed 100 percent organic grain. Every two weeks they're sifting out their manure, or worm castings as they call it.


The castings amend soil by adding nutrients, helping with moisture retention and by adding beneficial micro-organisms back into the soil.


Owner of Earthly Matters Dan Rollingson says they're also able to apply it in a liquid form on basically anything that grows. He says "it's a natural product, it won't burn the plants, it's non-toxic so it's safe for kids and the pets, and when you spray our product on to your plants you don't have to worry about if you don't wash it off right away, it's very safe that way."


Rollingson adds "worms kind of have a a bad rap sometimes, people don't like them in their lawn and that type of thing but they are very important to building the soil biology and they do it very efficiently and they're very good composters as well, we sell worms for people who would want to have a home composter, worms can break down food very rapidly." He hopes to double or triple the amount of worms they have in the next year.


Locally, their castings are sold at Country Blooms Greenhouse in Lethbridge and they have a weekly booth at the Farmer's Market. More information can be found at http://www.earthlymatters.ca.

Posted on Tuesday, July 02, 2013 at 4/20/2014 10:30:57 AM
Source: Tristan Tuckett - Country 95 News
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