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Macleod M-P Ted Menzies Announces He Won't Seek Re-Election In 2015


CALRESHOLM:   He won't be running in the next Federal election slated for 2015 but, his Ottawa office assistant says he's being run off his feet right now. As MacLeod M-P Ted Menzies works to help those affected by flooding in his riding, he has announced he won't run in the next federal election in 2015.


Since the floods hit his riding almost 2-weeks ago, Menzies has been travelling throughout the region and he's decided it's important for him to be there more often.

The following statement was released by Menzies's Ottawa office:


"Since the disastrous flood hit our communities on June 19th, I have travelled throughout the entire riding of Macleod and seen not only property destroyed, but also lives. My heart goes out to all those affected. As I spent this time trying to help my neighbours and constituents, it reminded me why I put my name forward to run for election in 2004.

For over nine years, I have been proud to represent the people of this large and diverse riding in Ottawa; together we have been able to accomplish much. As Canadians, we have developed a great sense of pride in who we are and what is most important to us. Witnessing the effects of the floods across Southern Alberta, and the devastation of High River and other communities, I have decided that it is important for me to be here more often. What brought me to Ottawa was a love of community and the desire to help Albertans and Canadians the best way I knew possible".

According to the news release, Menzies, who is also Minister of State for Finance, has affirmed his commitment to his riding for the next two years, and says he will do all he can for Macleod, both in the riding and in Ottawa.

Menzies has also asked Prime Minister Harper not to consider his name for any future cabinet position.

Also, directly from the Menzies statement, "I am so incredibly proud and honoured to represent the constituents of Macleod and I am proud of our government. Together we have accomplished much, but being an effective Member of Parliament requires a team of dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters. It also requires a tremendous amount of commitment from family and I have been blessed with so much support from my wife Sandy and our family.

Thank-you to all who support me, work with me and stand by me as I continue as the Member of Parliament for Macleod".

Posted on Tuesday, July 02, 2013 at 4/24/2014 11:57:14 AM
Source: Dori Modney (@Dori_Modney on Twitter) with files from Menzie statement - Phto credit to Menzie's office.
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