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Use Of Force Investigation Finds No Criminal Offence By LRPS Officer


LETHBRIDGE:  An investigation into alleged use of force by a Regional Police Officer has determined there was no criminal offence by the officer.


On May 11th of this year, Regional Police received calls reporting a domestic dispute. A number of officers were dispatched and one of the officers dealt with the adult woman who reported the dispute. There was a confrontation between the officer and the woman, who sustained a broken arm.


ASIRT Executive Director, Clifton Purvis, concluded from an investigation, that the woman was angry and had admitted she was waving her arms at the officer, which may have appeared that she was going to strike him.


The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team investigation determined the use of force applied by the police officer was reasonable and justified.


The conclusion of the ASIRT investigation is published verbatim below:


On May 11th, 2013, the Lethbridge Regional Police Service received calls to the 911 line, reporting a domestic dispute. A number of police officers were dispatched to respond to those emergency calls. Upon arriving at the scene, one of the officers dealt with an adult female, who was identified as the reporter of the domestic dispute. A confrontation between the police officer and the female occurred and she suffered a fractured arm. As a result of the confrontation and ensuing injury, ASIRT was assigned by the Alberta Director of Law Enforcement to investigate.

ASIRT s investigation revealed the affected person first called the 911 dispatch line to report an alleged domestic dispute. She made a second call to 911 operators four minutes later, expressing frustration that the police had not yet arrived. Through the investigation, a number of civilian and police witnesses were interviewed in relation to this incident. It was found that during the course of the contact between the female and the officer, she was put on the ground and handcuffed. After being handcuffed, she complained of soreness to her arm, and EMS was called to assess her condition. The female was eventually taken to hospital where it was learned she had a broken arm sustained in the contact with police.

 There were no witnesses to the actual use of force that resulted in the injury to the affected person. However, the evidence collected causes me to conclude that the affected person was angry prior to the arrival of police. Further, she conceded that she was waving her arms in close proximity to the subject officer and that it may have looked like she was going to strike him. I am satisfied after having considered the completed investigative file, that the subject officer was lawfully placed in relation to his involvement in this incident. Further, I am satisfied that the subject officer laid hands on the affected person as she moved towards him and he used her own forward momentum to pull her to the ground in an effort to prevent an assault. It was during this contact that the affected person came to be injured. The use of force applied by the subject officer was reasonable in all of the circumstances and he was justified in doing so. I have determined there is no evidence to cause me to suspect a criminal offence occurred. As such, I am concluding our investigation at this time without charges.


- Clifton Purvis, ASIRT Executive Director

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 4/16/2014 1:39:45 PM
Source: Dori Modney (@Dori_Modney on Twitter) -- files from ASIRT Investigation
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